2024 Stewardship Campaign at Fountain City United Methodist Church

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FCUMC is an Intergenerational Church With a Vision: Scripture has always called one generation to pass the mantle of faith to the next. It was God working through Moses to command Israelites to teach their children of love and hope. In Psalms, you hear the insistent echo of how the people of God are to record their faith for the yet-born. Jesus was radically intentional about letting the children come to him. And of course, Paul had a clear focus on mentoring young and marginalized leaders.

Contributed food and toiletry donations in the Fountain City area through our Blessing Box and the Fountain City Ministry Center for food insecure individuals and families.

Touched countless lives seeking sobriety and support through Celebrate Recovery with 253 new individuals so far this year who have begun their journey of recovery.

Provided a loving, caring, and safe environment for children to learn and grow spiritually and emotionally in their faith.

Engaged in hands-on mission work by providing over 10K meals for suffering people both internationally and locally as we fight world hunger.

We want to ensure that the next generation of Christians who comes through Fountain City knows the power of Jesus in their lives, and that we continue to do a great job of caring for our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. We hope you will prayerfully consider how you can be part of this important effort that will help us keep a next generation mindset, dream big dreams, and say yes to how God is ready to work through each of us for the Kingdom.

Don Hanshew, Senior Pastor

To learn more about the 2024 Stewardship Campaign, check out this letter from Pastor Don.




A direct gift from an IRA to a charity is called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution” or QCD. This resource has been specially made for seniors who are 70 ½ or older and offers information about giving from a qualifying retirement plan and legacy giving.



A downloadable excel spreadsheet for managing personal debt. This spreadsheet is pre-formatted with Excel formulas to help make sure creating a debt reduction payment plan is simple.



Utilize this spending plan form to map out your income and expenses each month. This comprehensive tool can help serve as a guideline for your monthly financial well-being.


Lord, guide us a people united for the purpose of being a vessel of your grace in this world. We trust you will take what we have, what we give, and what we hope to do, and multiply it for an intergenerational impact. May we hear you speak into our lives today so that we may be faithful in our response. Amen


We are excited about what God is doing now and where God is leading us into 2024. Your giving is a faithful expression of your love of God and an investment in mission and ministry through our church. Every gift makes a difference.

Give to Fountain City United Methodist Church here. If you have any questions about giving, email Ashley Garren, our Financial Secretary. We are glad to help!


Fountain City United Methodist Church is a church family with deep roots and a long history in the Fountain City community in the heart of north Knoxville. We believe God has called us as a church to focus on two things: making disciples and changing lives.