Ralph Paden

Facilities Manager

In the early hours of my first Easter Sunday as Facilities Manager, there was a massive pipe leak in our preschool area. Several hundred people were without the basic need of restrooms and running water. When my staff and I were faced with this issue, we learned how important it is to lean on each other for help, show grace to others, and remain faithful even when you are being challenged (though I will never be okay with the sound of running water without getting a slight panic headache at the very least).

Maintaining church grounds, securing the building, and carrying out logistics for services and events are only part of the work I do at Fountain City United Methodist Church. After that catastrophic Easter Sunday, I realized that it was more than just physical needs of the building; it’s providing a safe and secure place for those who come through our doors throughout the week. That is very important to me in my daily work, just as it was for me as a father of three (now adult) children to make sure our home was safe and secure.

My family and I became members of FCUMC in 1995, and in 2006 God led me to the FCUMC staff to serve people in a way in which I never imagined for myself. For that, I am grateful.

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