Jenny cook

Early Childhood Ministries Coordinator

Being a parent is a hard job! Being a parent to young children, while finding time to take care of your spiritual needs and those of your children, is even harder.  As a wife and mother of three, I understand how hard it is to find that balance and time for each family member.  I love being able to help provide a safe and nurturing environment for our youngest friends to play and learn about Jesus in fun and creative ways. This provides time for their grownups to fellowship, learn with their peers, and refill their spiritual cups to take on a new week. Our children will be our leaders one day and we want to help give them the best tools to guide them on their journey.  What better tool box can there be than the Bible and Jesus’s lessons?  Come join us and bring your children for their time in Fountain Littles. We would love to meet you!
(865) 357-6350