Don Hanshew

Lead Pastor

Not only am I a pastor, but I am a devoted parent too. My wife and I are trying to raise principled and faithful teens that can help make the world better. I know this is no easy task, and that is why I love preaching, teaching, and leading in a way that helps folks grow and stay connected around what matters. There are plenty of self-help books and coaches that are eager to offer advice. My source for wisdom is ancient and is the Christian Bible. It teaches me things that frustrate me, inspire me, and helps make my life better. You may have given up on church before, or maybe never been to one. Regardless, I want you to come worship with us and discover how timeless insight can speak into your modern life. We could all use a little more hope and joy! You will find it, and more, in worship at Fountain City United Methodist Church.
(865) 824-3146