Helping Mamas Knoxville

Do you need changing? How many times a day does a mama change a baby’s diaper? In the first months of life, newborns average 8 to 10 diaper changes per day. And over the first three months (the newborn stage), babies go through about 700 diapers.
So, for a year, the estimation would be: diaper requirements per year = 365 days × 8 to 10 diapers a day = 3650 to 4380 diapers. At .40 cents a diaper, the cost is between $1460 and $1752!
Helping Mamas Knoxville works with 30 different agencies in East Tennessee to distribute baby supplies to low-income families. The Sarah Circle of Fountain City United Methodist Women has chosen to donate diapers to Helping Mamas Knoxville. And your assistance is needed!
You can purchase diapers of any size, bring them to the church and someone from Sarah Circle will get them to Helping Mamas. Or you can order on their Amazon wish list page and they will be delivered directly to Helping Mamas. Order or deliver to the church by October 8.