EPIC/ Senior Ministry Presents Chef Debbie

After working as a registered nurse in emergency medicine (Lifestar, and several emergency departments), Debbie knew after retirement she would need something to keep her busy. Upon retirement, she enrolled in a twelve-week culinary program at the UT Conference Center, with plans to do in-home cooking classes. She was able to accomplish one class, then COVID happened.
In July of 2020, Debbie became involved in mission work at Magnolia Avenue Methodist Church, including helping prepare meals for those less fortunate which had to be served outside. She also volunteers in their free medical clinic. Debbie continues with both endeavors, but now they are able to prepare meals in the kitchen as well as serve in their fellowship hall.
Debbie Pickett will be our speaker and chef on May 5, 2022.
Join us as for a cooking class where she will demonstrate and share her recipes for potato soup, chicken salad, and sour dough bread. Sign up here!